Santa Claus Workshop

Christmas presents are no small matter for Santa’s little helpers. So many hours do they spend poring over the present lists, and the first letters start arriving at his workshop in the early months of the year. The nearer Christmas draws, the faster the pace of reading all the letters and making the presents grows.

Naturally he finds just about everything on the lists. But Santa’s probably happiest of all to read letters requesting something for others, too: for little sisters and brothers, pets, best friends, less fortunate people and those in need.

Santa is often asked whether there are any presents he himself would like. And yes there are, and he does receive them. Here is Santa’s very own present list:

Smiles from everyone, Smiles for everyone, Some comfy new big woolly socks, Good children, Grown-ups who are good to children, Children who are good to grown-ups, Children who are good to reindeer and dogs and cats and kangaroos and all God’s creatures, Chocolate and just a few more smiles.

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